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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Year 5 - (2016-2017)

This term Year 5 have been studying the Vikings and their Anglo-Saxon neighbours. 

We have learnt all about the Viking way of life including their passion for raiding and traiding in the British Isles. The children have explored Norse mythology, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Kings and religious beliefs.



In independent tasks the children have had the opportunity to get hands on with Viking artefacts including pottery and beads. This has inspired them to create some fantastic pencil still life drawings and make trade beads from clay.


We have explored the Norse creation story and the children wrote some superb poetry based around the Viking giant Ymir, from which they believed the earth was created. We also formed statues of Viking gods such as Thor, Loki and Freya.


The story of Beowulf has inspired us to write our own stories between a hero and a monster.

We will continue our Viking journey after half term.


Terms 3 and 4

This term, Year 5 have been really enjoying their current topic, Ice worlds. We have been learning all about the Arctic and Antarctic regions including studying the animals and humans that reside there. We have learnt about Ernest Shackleton's brave and heroic quest acoss the Antarctic and have been in contact with real life explorers to ask a variety of questions.

A real advertisement for Ernest Shackleton's expedition.

The children have produced some excellent writing in the form of diary entries from the point of view of an explorer, suspensful stories based on the structure of 'The Ice Forest' and most recently a persuasive text about global warming. We also explored slam poetry culminating in the children performing their snowflake related poems in a 'slam' competetion.

A suspenseful story based on the story structure of 'The Ice Forest'
By Tayha Beeching

We have explored the artwork of famous artists such as David Paige and emulated his style by using oil pastels to draw Arctic scenes. We also explored the photographs taken on Ernest Shackleton's expedition and recreated these black and white images using charcoal. We discovered that the Inuits who live in the Arctic create mythological, colourful artwork of local animals. The children were inspired to create their own images of snowy owls, arctic foxes and other creatures in a similar style.

An incredible, colourful fish inspired by Inuit Art.
By Mia Fossella

In science, we learnt about forces such as friction. We designed and built our own toboggans to race. They had to have blades with a small surface area in order to travel quickly, with less friction, down our 'ski slope'. The classes conducted fair test experiments to discover which materials are soluble and also to create salt and sugar solutions and explore which became saturated first.

Exploring friction with toboggans.

In PE we linked to our Ice Worlds topic by creating pieces of movement that related to words describing frozen landscapes. These included snowlakes, avalanches, blizzards and icicles. The children showed their dance pieces in a performance carosel and demonstrated great respect for fellow performers.

A snowflake
A snowflake.

The children are excited for their new topic and are busy guessing what it may be.