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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

School Day


We have recently reviewed our nursery sessions. Please see below for our new sessions options starting September 2021.


9.00 – 12.00pm

Mon – Fri

(a.m.’s only) 15 hrs

Option 2


Mon - Fri

(p.m.’s only) 15 hrs

Option 3

2 whole days and 1

half day


(30 Hours)

9.00 – 3.00pm

Mon - Fri

You may wish to book a lunch club session from 12.00pm - 1.00pm. These costs are subject to availability.

Lunch Time 12.00 - 1.00pm £4.50 Per day for additional hour

Infants: Reception and Years 1-2

Drop off times: 

Reception via Roderick Avenue


Drop off 8.35am / Collect 2.35pm


Drop off 8.45am/ Collect 2.45pm


Year 1 and 2 Via Edith Avenue

8.30am Year 1 Parrotfish/Year 2 Rockhoppers

8.40am Year 1 Angelfish/Year 2 Macaronis


Collection Times:

Year 1 and 2 via Edith Avenue.

2.40pm Year 1 Parrotfish/ Year 2 Rockhoppers

2.50pm Year 1 Angelfish/ Year 2 Macaronis


Juniors: Years 3-6

Drop off times:

Normal gate drop off

Y3 Hawksbill/ Y4 Dugongs/Y5 Eagle Rays/Y6 Whale Sharks - 8.50-8.55am drop off = so please don't rush to drop off. This should mean that there is more of a staggered start rather than everyone attempting to get in at once.

Y3 Leatherbacks/Y4 Manatees/Y5 Manta Rays/Year 6 Blue Whales - 9.00-9.05am drop off


Collection times:

Juniors- The gates will open at 2.55pm

3.00pm Y3 Hawksbill/ Y4 Dugongs/Y5 Eagle Rays/Y6 Whale Sharks

3.10pm Y3 Leatherbacks/Y4 Manatees/Y5 Manta Rays/Year 6 Blue Whales.


Lunchtime arrangements
At lunchtime all children can have either a hot school lunch or bring a packed lunch from home. If you provide your child with a packed lunch, please ensure that it is nutritious and healthy.
The contents of lunch boxes are left to the discretion of parents (mid-day supervisors are aware). However, please be aware that nuts and nut-based products are not allowed at infants or juniors, due to a number of children having severe nut allergies.
For break-time we would ask that the children bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable as this is consistent with snacks provided by the Government, for our infant children. 
Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions our water fountains are no longer in use. Therefore, please send your child to school with a water bottle, regardless of whether they are having a pack lunch or a school dinner.  


Regular attendance at school is a legal requirement, it is your duty to ensure your children get to school every day. We monitor all pupils lateness, absence and attendance levels. To be on time your child needs to be in School before the gates shut. Infant children must be accompanied by their parent or carer and walked to the school playground. If you need to go to the school office or have medicine to bring in, please drop your child at the playground or drop off zone first. Children should not be brought in through the main school entrance unless they are late.

Should your child be too ill to attend school their absence must be reported to the school, before registration, in the morning by telephone or email. Please leave a message on the telephone absence line or use the Parentmail app.

Permission must be sought from the Headteacher for all absences other than illness. Please ask at the school office for an absence request form.



If you are running late please take your child into school via the office. They will need to be signed in by an adult, lunch ordered and a reason given for lateness.



If you need to collect your child early for an appointment, please inform the office and provide a letter, appointment card etc. so a copy can be put in your child’s file.

Please try and book appointments outside of school hours if possible.