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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Reading and Phonics

We believe that reading is central to all learning and we aim to establish a 'reading culture' in and out of school and develop a life long love of books and the written word.  To this end we have a comprehensive library on each site with fiction and non-fiction books alongside our colour coded 'reading books'. The children are encouraged to read a wide range of books and we have books from many different published reading schemes including; Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Project X

What is phonics?

               Pupil Reading        

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully. They are taught how to:

  •  recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes;
  •  identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make - such as ‘sh’ or ‘oo’; and
  •  blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word.

Children can then use this knowledge to ‘de-code’ new words that they hear or see. This is the first important step in learning to read.  (DFE 2013)

We have a complex alphabetic code that refers to how each individual sound is pronounced.  There are 44 phonemes (sounds) and 144 graphemes (letters or groups of letters that represent the sounds). 80%-85% of English words are phonetically decodable.

At Peacehaven Heights Primary School, we provide strategies and ideas and share good practice to ensure a positive drive forward in the teaching of phonics. The children have daily phonics instructions from reception–year two.  In year one, the children take a phonics screening activity in June.  There is phonics intervention support for year two children who did not pass the phonics screen.  Children who are still in the early stages of reading in years three and four are supported with phonics on the Junior Site.

   Our phonics approach teaches children to                           


  • Segment- break down words to read and spell
  • Blend- combine individual phonemes to build a whole word