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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery


Our Aims

Peacehaven Heights Primary and Nursery School has a well-established Nursery where children feel happy, confident and secure.  We provide quality Nursery education in a stimulating, welcoming and safe learning environment.  Children and adults can be creative, have fun, play, talk and learn together; developing as happy, confident, independent individuals within our community.


Our Nursery and Your Child 

Every child in our Nursery is nurtured as an individual. We encourage and support children to reach their potential through a carefully planned and structured curriculum.  This is based on national guidance and at covers seven areas of learning.  These are Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Literacy; Physical development; Maths and Creative development and Understanding development of the World.  


Staff extend and develop children’s skills and concepts as they play and through planned, focussed activities. 

Through a varied programme of interesting and challenging learning experiences, children are sensitively supported in developing vital educational and life-skills such as co-operation, caring and consideration for others, intellectual stimulation, curiosity and independence. 


We value every child’s achievements and praise their efforts to help develop of a positive self-image.  We have a strong commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion within the Nursery.   We ensure all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum in order to achieve their full potential.   Children receive a flexible, sensitive and responsive teaching approach through careful planning and observation that ensures that every child’s needs are met. 


The Nursery Learning Environment 

We are a large, well-resourced Nursery with excellent indoor and outdoor environments.  Children are encouraged to access all areas of learning to maximise their learning experience.  Children move freely throughout both the indoor and outdoor environments. 

We strongly believe in play and learning outside. A Swedish proverb. ”There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing


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