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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery



The reception classes are split into Starfish and Seahorses.  We have had lots of fun exploring our new classrooms and learning about each other.

Communication and Language

There will be many opportunities for the children to talk about themselves, friends and family and to share their experiences. Speaking and listening skills will be a big focus and children will be strongly encouraged to take turns in conversation and listen to others. Our role-play areas, a home corner and our outside areas aim to encourage creative play and to develop the use of imaginative language. 

Physical Development

Playtime and PE will allow the children to explore a range of equipment where they can practise travelling, balancing, jumping and landing safely and taking others’ safety into consideration. This is also reinforced as part of our outdoor play provision. Using junk modelling and large construction, children will be challenged to build models. Play dough, pasta, cornflour and shaving foam will be investigated and manipulated using hands and a range of appropriate tools in order to develop fine motor skills. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

These early days are vital in terms of each child’s school career. It is important that the children settle in well and feel safe, happy and secure. We will establish expected codes of behaviour, promote the consistent use of good manners and introduce daily routines. There will be plenty of opportunities for them to familiarise themselves with their new environment, form new relationships and deepen established ones. Circle time is an occasion; for those who wish, to express views and feelings about such topics as: why they are special, praising the qualities of others and sharing their experiences.


The mark making areas primarily promote writing and drawing and a wide range of media and tools are available for children to express themselves. Writing is encouraged throughout our setting using a range of media. Book corners welcome children and adults to share familiar and new books together. Listening to stories will be a regular feature of our school day. We will be encouraging the reciting of

familiar nursery rhymes and learning some new ones too. Letters and sounds will be introduced, reinforced and consolidated through a range of fun, small group activities.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children will have the opportunity to dress up and enjoy role-play in Starfish and Seahorse class. Model making, collages and working on collaborative art will also be some of the craft activities we will enjoy this term. Song and dance will abound and we will share action and nursery rhymes and songs as well as enjoying playing instruments.


Mathematical based activities such as number rhymes and songs, setting a table for 4 people, finding missing numbers in a number line, as well as sorting and counting objects and number recognition will be supported and extended by adults where appropriate. 

This term we will also be exploring number linked to the Numberblocks episodes.  We will also be exploring shape and pattern.

Understanding the World

We will be encouraging the children to talk about why things happen when we make and taste porridge. They will explore our outside area and be aware of creatures in our garden and learn to care for them and talk about their similarities and differences.  

The children will have opportunities to explore different technologies including tablets, cameras, CD players and computers.


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