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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Behaviour and the Golden Rules

'The behaviour of pupils is good.... When pupils come together, for example at and lunchtimes, they are polite and courteous and show that the school is a happy and harmonious community' Ofsted April 2016

We want Peacehaven Heights Primary School to be a happy and nurturing environment where children feel safe, secure and therefore are able to achieve their full potential. Our behaviour policy is based around Jenny Mosely’s ‘Golden Rules’ which are displayed throughout the school and have been agreed by staff and pupils.  They are used to promote good relationships between everyone in the school community.

We have rules in our school so that we can keep safe and be happy. Everybody knows the golden rules. ‘ Y4 child in junior assembly.

On the infant site children Year 2 support the younger members of the school in many kind and caring ways. We have lunch time monitors, assembly helpers and playground buddies all of whom enjoy the responsibility of acting as positive, kind and caring role models.  On the junior site the Y4 Playground Buddy team and the Y6 Truly Trusted team provide peer support for others at playtimes and lunchtimes  


The Golden Rules:

We are gentle
We don't hurt others
We are kind and helpful              
We don't hurt anybody's feelings
Do hard work
We don't waste our time or other's time
We look after property
We don't waste or damage things
We listen to people
We don't interrupt
We are honest
We don't cover up the truth