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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Sun Policy


In our school we want pupils and staff to enjoy the sun safely.  It is important to ensure we are protected from the skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight and also overheating.  We will work with staff, pupils and parents/carers to achieve this through: Education 

* All pupils will learn about sun safety and protecting their skin through PSHE lessons and story times. 

* Parents/Carers will be informed of our sun safety policy and be asked to provide hats and sunscreen. 

* Staff training will take place to ensure that they are aware of sun safety. 

* Pupils will learn about the importance of drinking more water when it is hot and be encouraged to bring in water to school. 

* We will remind parents/carers at appropriate times of the year about the dangers of sun exposure and preventable measures. 

* We will hold outdoor activities in areas of shade whenever possible and encourage pupils to use shady areas during playtimes, sports activities and trips out. 

* We will regularly remind pupils, staff and parents/carers about sun safety through newsletters, trip and activity letters etc. 


* We will encourage all pupils to wear a named sunhat with protective back flap when playing outside. 

* We will encourage staff and parents/carers to act as good role models by practising sun safety. 



* Pupils will be allowed to wear named sunglasses from home.  

* 80% of your lifetimes UV damage occurs before the age of 20.  Only buy good quality sunglasses from reputable outlets. The European standards are EN1836/1997 

* Pupils are responsible for their sunglasses while in school. 


* We will encourage parents/carers to apply sunscreen before school – high factor – all day cream, if possible.  (Due to carious skin conditions & allergies, we do not have a stock of sunscreen in school).   

* We will inform parents with regard to use of sunscreen for trips and special outdoor activities. 


* Pupils will be encouraged to use shady parts of the field. 

* Pupils will be encouraged to use shade during trips and outdoor events.