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Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School & Nursery


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Curriculum at Peacehaven Heights Primary School


Why we teach curriculum subjects

At Peacehaven Heights we aim to develop mastery in the fundamental skills of reading, writing and mathematics so that as they enter Key Stage 2 they are able to deepen and apply their knowledge of these subject areas. Our Key Learning Indicators serve as a set of expected outcomes for each year group.  We are consistent in our approach across the school and have a shared set of expectations for lessons and behaviour for learning, so that children recognise learning environments regardless of the class or year group. We use the curriculum as a vehicle for children to connect their learning: by helping children categorise information and knowledge across subject areas, they build up their cognitive frameworks (schemas); working in a cross curricular way enables the timetable to be flexible and for teachers to give longer time to areas that need it.



How we teach curriculum subjects

The curriculum is planned out to enable cohesion and depth to all subjects. This long-term planning enables teachers to ensure that all subjects are seen as important and none are neglected.  Our curriculum is enhanced through the use of outside agencies/events/drama to give exciting learning opportunities to the children. We all work on the same concepts, knowledge and skills in class. In order to challenge learners, they will be expected to apply their knowledge about something in a variety of contexts.  It is only when they are able to do this that it is agreed that the skill or knowledge is fully learned. The PSHE curriculum is fundamental to our curriculum.  We have dedicated lessons and coverage is carefully monitored and reflects current local and national risks.



What you might see children doing during curriculum lessons:

  • In every lesson, children have explained to them why they are learning a particular skill, piece of information or concept.  This is to ensure that all children are on board with their own learning journey and can begin to articulate it clearly.
  • Children are explicitly taught vocabulary and specific language. This helps them gain confidence in its use and expands their ability to articulate their thoughts and reasoning: with increased knowledge comes increased questioning.
  • We provide visuals, scaffolds and manipulatives so that concepts can be understood and therefore better internalised.  We use teacher modelling as part of this approach, so that children can see how as well as why.
  • We revisit knowledge throughout the years and across year groups, so that children develop a deep understanding of what they are learning.




Updated September 2021