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Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

Peacehaven Heights Primary School

LOTC Beach School

Being  Explorers and Adventurers Close to Home.

Welcome to our Learning outside the classroom (LOtC) Beach School page. Here parents can stay up-to-date with what the children have been up to with Mr. Smith and our Beach School Team.

Led by three fully trained staff (two support staff with a level 2 'Wild Beach' and a Beach School Leader with a level 3 qualification). All of our lessons tie very closely in with the national curriculum – with a strong focus on the soft skills.


Down on the beach....and in the woods


As a learning resource, the rationale behind our local natural environments is to allow the children to; develop, grow and learn the life skills that might not be as easily taught inside the classrooms. Such lessons might be; problem solving, teamwork and being resilient. We will also encourage the children to take some risks as part of their overall development that will help them achieve the more ‘holistic’ learning outcomes, making them well rounded young people.

Whilst visiting the off-site areas, there will always be at least one member of staff who is confident with the Normal Operation Procedures (NOP) and the Emergency Action Plans (EAP). These documents will be taken along on every session as laminated copies, so that they are always available and in good, readable condition if needed to be checked.

Each and every session is risk assessed beforehand and this task will also be a dynamic, ongoing procedure as we don’t expect a risk assessment to cover everything that could be imagined. If a potential risk occurs whilst out, the Beach Leader will deal with it on site, then make a note to add it to the risk assessments for future use. Risk assessed activities will include, but not be limited to; looking at the nature found on the beach, shelter building and studying the tidal changes.

At the start of the year a letter will be sent home to the parents to ensure that children are equipped with the appropriate clothing. We will visit the beach any weather-rain or shine, apart from storms or if it is particularly windy, for safety reasons.

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